We asked Merissa to share about her crew, why she runs and how she finds time to do it all. If you have the pleasure of meeting Merissa, you will know what it is like to have someone in your court. She will give you props, cheer you on and be forever grateful that you are a part of the run community.

Here’s what she had to say:

I am very passionate about running as it allows me to stretch myself, work towards meeting meaningful goals and connect with our beautiful city. I have learned so many important lessons from running and have met some wonderful people in our Edmonton running community. I have formed some incredible relationships with the YEG Fast Trax run community here in our city. Over the last six years I have learned so much about goal setting, perseverance, determination, resiliency and proper marathon training.

I am an elementary school teacher and a long distance marathon runner here in Edmonton. I am very fortunate to work with children every day and watch them experience success as learners! I strongly believe that it is important for all children to have many opportunities to be active and set meaningful goals. All children should be able to engage in positive physical activity opportunities, build confidence as capable individuals and form strong healthy relationships with others. As a grade four teacher and a running coach, I try to model for my students a life that is balanced and shaped by daily physical activity.  

This year I ran my fourth Chicago Marathon in October 2017 and I will be running my third Boston Marathon this April 2018. I am looking forward to participating in another memorable marathon experience! I have learned that the the journey and training that lead up to a marathon experience are what builds character and mental fortitude.

I am proud to be a part of a supportive community of runners who love Edmonton. Running has allowed me to connect with others and connect with our wonderful city!

Merissa Feraco-Batiuk

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