If you are starting to see speedy runners around the city wearing runlAB singlets and wondering what we are all about here is a peek into who, and what we are.

runlAB was started roughly 2 years ago with a mission to provide runners with high quality programming and community, irrespective of their current fitness levels.  We realized that many runners were logging miles alone, without guidance or community. The runlAB philosophy is that if athletes are going to invest countless hours into training, it makes sense to invest the same amount of energy into developing methodical training programs, so they can see the biggest gains. Over the past two years, we have assembled a team of talented coaches and hardworking runners. What started as a vision has now grown to over 30 members with exciting growth every week!


We believe in smart training and getting the most out of our athletes. Whether you are a Boston qualifier, University athlete or a runner looking to run their first 5k, runlAB will customize a program to help you achieve your own goals, all while connecting with the broader running community! We welcome all levels and abilities to the group. No matter what your PB’s are on paper, we’re thrilled to have new runners join the team.


As we grow, one of our initiatives is to connect with the running community. We recently held the first instalment of our speaker series, and are excited to announce our first race, which will give athletes of all abilities an opportunity to showcase their hard work. The Greyhound Grand Prix will be a fast 5km for anyone looking to better their personal best, held May 23rd at Castrol Raceway.

We look forward to seeing you on the track, road and trails this spring and summer.



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