Our run community is pretty awesome and we wanted to create a space where you can learn about all the cool people and places our city has to offer. Whether you are a resident of YEG or you are visiting, we hope this site teaches you something new or gives you a way to explore our city.

We have groups that love hills, trails, road, basically anything you are looking for. All we ask is that you get out and enjoy our river valley and maybe make a few new friends along the way.

We are constantly evolving, as we learn of new things happening in Edmonton and new run crews pop-up. We rely on you to help us build out the information because we really aren’t that cool and don’t know everything that is going on. Just send us an email and we will make sure it makes its way onto the website.


Nadim Chin + Erika Barootes

That’s all you need to know. We may¬†share more information about who we are in the future but we are more interested to hear about you, your crews and how we can support!